3 Reasons to Install a Pond Fountain

Residential ponds are so popular with house hunters that they often sell homes. Ponds are ideal swimming and fishing spots or just areas to relax and enjoy nature. However, pond water can easily become stagnant and foul-smelling without maintenance. There are dozens of products designed to help keep the water healthy, and the most critical ones are aeration systems. Floating fountain aerators are popular, and many stores carry this type. They are also common because their fountains create beautiful spray patterns. Aerators help increase oxygen in pond water and make routine maintenance easier.

Fountains Double As Aerators

Floating pond fountains are easy to install and begin to improve water quality as soon as they begin working. Pumps draw water into the air where it is oxygenated and then returned to ponds. The increased oxygen levels help plants and fish thrive. Agitation caused by pumps helps mix deep and shallow water, which prevents it from forming temperature layers that can decrease oxygen. Increased oxygen also discourages sediment from forming on the bottom of ponds.

Moving Pond Water Reduces Maintenance

When pumps pull water up and return it to ponds, they force debris to the sides, where it can easily be removed. Reduced sediment formation can prevent or reduce the need to dredge out ponds. During icy winter months, a fountain constantly churns deeper, warmer water and pulls it to the surface, which can stop ice from forming. That eliminates the need to de-ice water so aquatic life can thrive. Without ice, pond water is also more likely to attract wildlife.

Homeowners Can Create Dazzling Effects

With all of their practical benefits, one of the most popular features of aeration pumps is the fascinating effects they can produce. There are many kinds of aerators, so it is fairly simple for homeowners to customize effects. Many buy light kits so fountains turn into displays at night. Some add more than one pump to large ponds, creating a series of fountains.

Aeration pumps are necessary to keep residential pond water clean and healthy. Pumps spray water into the air to add oxygen and reduce pond maintenance. The fountains created in this process add beauty and interest to properties.