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Top 3 Best Places to Hike and Camp in Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands is a great nation that provides lots of great hiking and camping locations; so if you are going there, then you should definitely try it out. You can be sure that the Faroe Islands will provide you with all these beautiful nature sceneries that you can really enjoy. There are actually lots and lots of places that you can go camping and hiking in Faroe Islands. Before you plan a hiking and camping trip in the Faroe Islands, you should first know some of the best places where you can do these activities. This article is going to take you through 3 great places to hike and camp in Faroe Island. These are the best places to hike and camp when in Faroe Island.

Location number one for hiking and camping is in the Hiking Trails of Villingardalsfjall. In fact, this great place is so beautiful that a lot of famous artists and poets have stayed here for inspiration. You can find yourself alone if you hike a few distance, away from the town and the farm animals there. Not only that, but the Hiking Trails of Villingardalsfjall also offer you many campsites that have beds and breakfast. If you want to read more now about this place then check it out!

The next best place to hike and camp is in Slaettaratindur. What do you think about hiking the highest mountain in Faroe Islands? This is actually the Slaettaratindur. Even though it will take some time to hike this great mountain, you can be sure that it will be all worth it when you reach the top. A view that you can expect to see is a view of the whole island and also the surrounding islands. If you want to camp in quiet and adventurous places, then this mountain is definitely for you as there is no civilization found there. You can view here for more if you want to learn more and get more info.

The third and final great location in Faroe Island that we will mention here is in Oynadarfjordur to Eldvik. This place will provide you with a short hike to a very old village with many friendly people living there. You will be able to explore the old village within a few minutes, get to know the people, and understand the village’s long history. You will really be able to feel like you have gone back to older times when you stay the night in these small and old villages. So this is the last but definitely not the least place to visit. Visit their homepage for more info.