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Types Of Timber For Different Furniture

No matter what kind of space you are looking for decoration, the wooden furniture can simply do wonders. From the large oak kitchen table to the simple chairs wood can treat it all. All these woods have proven to be useful for a long time and all of it is finished in a particular way to offer the best look. Nowadays the people are adopting for the modern timber furniture to achieve the best look. Also, these are very cost effective, which is actually a bonus point for you. The only drawback, in this case, is that you won’t get your hands on the different types of timber at the same time.

timber furniture

Here are some of the timber furniture that you can easily adapt for better convenience.

Oak for solid furniture pieces

If you are looking out for a piece of modern timber furniture, then nothing can be a more appropriate choice than oak. It is pretty expensive which is why it is only used to make the legs of chairs and the different tables and cables. People often get confused whether to choose red or white oak. However, in terms of strength, red oak is better than that of white oak.

Oak Furniture

Pine for light color and texture

People looking for a light colored and consistent texture of the furniture can adopt the pine wood. Painting and staining this kind of wood is pretty easy. Since it is soft in nature, it can easily be curved and decorated. Shaping up the modern timber furniture made up of pine can be pretty easy. It will play a great role in bringing up the aesthetic look. However, these are very much prone to damage since they are softwoods. It is found the most in the northern areas due to the weather temperature and is pretty affordable.

Pine Furniture


People who are opting for the modern timber furniture should choose the mahogany wood. These help to attain the dark-brown hue. Moreover, these are very expensive so only high-quality furniture is made from it. Apart from it, they are soft and can be easily bent to fit the trimming procedure. Usually, the cabinets and the drawers are made out of mahogany.

Mahogany Furniture


If you are considering to invest in attaining high-quality furniture, then walnut will be the best choice. It is because the Walnut woods are very expensive hardwoods used for making furniture. You wouldn’t need to stain it much because the Walnut wood is already dark in color. The furniture made out of it will either be dark brown or almost black in color. Walnut wood is used for making modern timber types of furniture such as the cabinets and tables.

Walnut Furniture


Apart from these types of timber, there are polishing options you can choose. Some of the prominent options you can stick to include natural oils, wax, lacquer, and shellac.

Polishes Furniture

The modern timber furniture is pretty expensive, but it is totally worth the money. Depending on whether you want hardwood or softwood, you can choose accordingly. If you want a classy look you should not be worried about the budget.